“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

Our Vision is our medium term expectation of how we will meet our Mission.

Our Vision is to:

  • create a secure and nurturing Christian environment which values and respects every individual and their beliefs;
  • equip children, through an innovative and broad curriculum, with confidence and life skills to reach their full  God-given potential;
  • partner with home, church and the local community to help children make a positive contribution to God’s world.

All of this is achieved through our Motto: “Working Together for the Good of All.”

“Three things will last forever –  faith, hope, and love –  and the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13

Being a Church School

St. Michael’s is a flourishing, forward thinking and outstanding Church school where the leadership and management are a driving force behind the school community, embracing and celebrating being a faith school and fulfilling our combined Mission and Vision which underpins all that we do.

The leadership and management are strategic in fulfilling of the school’s Mission and Vision and in so doing, shapes the direction of the school community for the future. As a school we believe in educating the whole child and teaching children to be good citizens which firmly is underpinned by the Gospel values.

St. Michael’s CE School works in partnership with Saint Cecilia’s Wandsworth under the umbrella of a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to introduce innovative practice that reflects the school’s Mission and Vision and provides the local community with the opportunity of a whole through Christian education from 3 – 18 years of age.

The Leadership and Governors work in partnership to “ensure that the relationship between the school, church and diocese is supportive and sustainable, enhancing the learning of both pupils and the congregation. It is a link that is widely acknowledged and valued by all members of the school community.” The school is currently working with the Advisor from the SDBE to disseminate and share good practice with other schools as well as supporting other Church schools within the Borough of Wandsworth and in Hertfordshire.

The above statement has been quantified by Angela Rundle, our School Link Inspector for the Local Authority, where she noted and stated in her ‘Note of Visit to the Board of Governors: ‘St Michael’s continues to be outstanding in all judgement areas. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school’s Christian mission and values and enables pupils to thrive and develop to the best of their potential. British values are fully incorporated into worship and classroom discussion.’  This continues to be a true reflection of our school and all that it stands for.

Throughout the following links we promote our Vision through the key words: Create – Equip – Partner

The the importance of the RE Curriculum and Collective Worship

As a Church of England school, our vision clearly shows that we want all children to reach their God-given potential in a nurturing Christian environment. St. Michael’s wants all children to flourish and our RE curriculum and Collective Worship is at the heart of what we do. If you look at our Teaching and Learning Principles, you will see that our first core intention is that RE teaching is theologically challenging and Collective Worship supports children in their spiritual development. RE, theological literacy, spirituality and collective worship are at the heart of all we do. Our Vision is lived out educationally within our Teaching and Learning Principles with theological literacy and worship at its core.


The the importance Spirituality at St. Michael’s

Through creating a secure and nurturing Christian environment, we provide every pupil with the opportunity to reach their full, God-given potential. As a Church of England primary school, we are made in God’s image and know that by partnering with the Church, home and the local community, that our pupils will flourish not just academically, but spiritually.

Spirituality and the faith that our pupils, staff and parents have are all equally valued and widely celebrated across the school.

Please follow the following link on Spirituality to find out more.


Distinctive Church School Start of Term Quiz

At the start of each term we work with the children on the theme: “What makes our school a distinctive Church school?”  Through the ‘start of term’ worship quiz (see below) and class lessons our children are able to further develop an understanding about why St. Michael’s is distinctive from the neighbouring schools.

We also have a pupil  ‘distinctive recording quiz’ which is used as a tool to enable the children to reflect about being a part of our school and how we define our distinctive nature. It involves touring the school, taking in our Christian environment and a celebration of the RE work that has taken place the previous term. It also acts as a prompt and further discussions take place along with class tours of the school answering the ‘Big Question’ “What makes our school a distinctive Church school?” An example of the quiz is below.  All children complete it and it is included in their books as a further reminder and prompt.

Induction and CPD

At. St. Michael’s we ensure that all members of staff who are new to the school receive effective induction and develop an understanding of what it means to work in a Church school.  Furthermore, we plan professional development to ensure that the teaching and delivery of RE remains on par with other core subjects and this has resulted in the school demonstrating  that we are innovative in practice, working  in partnership with the church and other schools locally and nationally.

Kick London – A Christian Based Sports Organisation

In addition to the schools Christian input we also have a positive cross-curricular link through ‘Kick London’.

Kick London is a Christian based sporting organisation who lead sports and PE with a clear Christian focus.  The leaders are an important part of our school community and fully support and adhere to our Mission and Vision  and all that it stands for being a Church school.

Parent Voice: What makes St. Michael’s a distinctive Church school?

  • “St. Michael’s is distinctive as a church school because the children learn to pray in every situation, as a class, as a school and before meals.  Their faith and learning are brilliantly intertwined in everything they do.”
  • “I love the way faith is integrated into so many aspects of school, including outstanding P.E. teachers from Kick London.”
  • “I really value the close connection between school and St Michael’s Church. The children are able to enjoy things like the Carols and Easter services and learning about God in a fun relevant way.”
  • “The beauty of St Michael’s school is that it encourages a strong community spirit of working together for the good of others. My daughter has formed her own motto from the teaching she has received which is ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’.”
  • “The Christian ethos of the school is best represented for me by the children’s respect for each other. From the eldest to the youngest, they show true care and thought in their actions.”
  • “I am encouraged to know that the Christian values my children learn at home are nurtured, supported and developed when they come to St Michael’s School.”
  • “It is great to see how the school teaches kindness and to show God’s love through connections with organisations like Love In A Box and the local food bank.”
  • “I love that my daughter spends her day in a school where she is constantly reminded of Jesus. She has so many opportunities to express her faith and learn what it truly means to be a Christian.” 


Photo-stories  demonstrating our distinctive nature as  Church school and Worship

Please have a look at some of our videos here that link in with our RE teaching and Worship: