“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

Our combined Mission and Vision Statement states that St. Michael’s School is committed to developing in its pupils an understanding of the Christian faith and that by using our Christian values, we will fulfil our Mission and our Vision and all of this is achieved through our Motto: “Working Together for the Good of all”.

Being a Church School

Many schools will talk about educating the whole child and teaching children to be good citizens – but we believe that being a Church School means much more than that.

At St. Michael’s all that we do is driven by the Gospel Values – those values taught by Jesus. These values are central to our Mission and Vision Statement and therefore all that we do.

In February we launched a request to gain an overview of why parents selected our school for their children…. we were keen to see what distinctive reasons were used for putting St. Michael’s first and what parents think makes the school so special…. We were inundated with quotes and here are a selection.  The remainder have been collated into a school booklet. This is on display at the school entrance for visitors to read at their leisure.

These are just some of the lovely quotes we received….please click on the document link to read more.  Thank you in advance to our parent body for taking the time to share your thoughts and views.

Recent Parental Quotes

Our parents have been very forthcoming with their views and have expressed some very positive comments about the distinctiveness of St. Michael’s and the education the school provdes. Please scroll down and read the quotes.  We are sure you will be as proud of the school and what it offers, as we are.

  • “The Christian ethos of the school is best represented for me by the children’s respect for each other. From the eldest to the youngest, they show true care and thought in their actions.” 
  • “I am encouraged to know that the Christian values my children learn at home are nurtured, supported and developed when they come to St Michael’s School.” 
  • “We are a military family who moved to the area in time for our daughter ‘C’ to start of Year 5 at St Michaels.  Naturally, ‘C’ was reluctant to leave her previous school and friends to start at another school where friendships groups were already well established.  However, from her first day ‘C’ was welcomed into the school by both staff and pupils with kindness, where they actively integrated ‘C’ into the classroom and peer group. This made for an easy transition which was a huge relief and delight to my husband and I, and a very happy and settled child. I believe that it is the strong Christian values that make the school and children attending so special.  The kindness, acceptance and support that has been shown towards ‘C’ since joining the school have had a positive impact in shaping her into the child she is today. The teachers at St Michaels are always happy and engage well with the children and they appear to be prepared to go the extra mile to support and encourage them to achieve the best they can.  ‘C’ is always full of stories when she comes home from school about of how much fun the teachers make the lessons. I thoroughly support St Michaels school and I am thrilled that ‘C’ has been able to benefit from her time here.”
  • “St Michael’s has really welcomed our son and made his progression from nursery into school a smooth process and are sure that his development will continue under the team’s care and guidance.”​
  • “Christian values are realised and apparent in so many positive ways they are evident as soon as you walk through the gate and leave a lasting impression when you leave.​”
  • “St Michaels staff and leadership team don’t sit still for 5 minutes. They are constantly evolving to provide the best education, rounded development  and progress for our children so they are equipped for now and for the future.”
  • “St Michaels is a CoE school with a strong  practicing congregation this creates a local community spirit, which can be rare in these parts, as London can very transient……School should be the best years of your life and St Michaels gives me or my children no reason to dispute this theory.”
  • “The school is so special to us as it has had the great responsibility of starting our daughter off on her journey of enjoying school, learning, developing friendships and the Christian ethos of life.  In all these categories we see a confident smiling daughter who we have never heard her say those dreaded words for any parent  ” Mummy / Daddy I don’t want to go to school.”​
  • “St Michael’s provides a safe, thriving and learning environment which comes from a real collaboration from the senior leadership team right through to all the staff (even contracted staff such as the catering team). This clearly filters through to the children. We love the way the school utilises the church field and works with St Michael’s Church to use these wonderful facilities as well as the church itself for school concerts and events. Both parents and children are very fortunate to be part of this School family.”