“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

“For me, it is important to be a part of St. Michael’s School as I love strengthening the partnership between the church and the school. I believe it is vital that the children are being taught how to lead Jesus filled lives, so it is so encouraging to be part of a school that share the vision for these children’s futures.” (Robbie: Former Lord’s Club Lead)


“St Michael’s school is a place of fun, but under the surface of everyday school life runs the united desire for these children to know Jesus. For me, being a part of this school which is focused on Jesus is important to me, seeing education and faith working hand in hand to shape these children’s lives.”  (Celia: Lord’s Club Lead)

Our Thursday Lord’s Club

As a Church School, we feel that it is extremely important for the children to explore their faith in a personal, fun and interactive way and we are therefore very excited to be able to offer the opportunity for the children to do this during their lunchtime with Lord’s Club.

The club is run in partnership with St Michael’s Church by the Youth Work Team and  Celia and Tim lead the weekly ‘Lord’s Club’ for children for the Middle and Upper Phases at lunchtime.  The club takes place on a Thursday between 1:10-1:35pm and it is aimed at providing the opportunity for the children to find out more about what it means to be a Christian and to be friends with  Jesus.  The children play lots of games, make some interesting crafts and look at cool stories in the Bible.

Pupil Voice: ‘Why is Lord’s Club is important to you?’

At St. Michael’s we firmly believe that ‘Pupil Voice’ is an integral part of our school community.  The children at our school are confident and can articulate their views about school and all that we have on offer.

The quotes below demonstrate how the children in the Middle and Upper Phases appreciate and value Lord’s Club and all that they do. The children were asked the following questions:

‘Why is Lord’s Club important?’

  • “We get to learn about God, pray to God and learn more about what the Bible means for us”.
  • “I enjoy having fun at Lord’s Club and learning new things from the Bible that we may not know”.
  • “We can learn about God and how we can worship Him not just in a Church, but in our school lives”.

‘What do you gain from Lord’s Club?’

  • “We learn different things each week that we may not learn otherwise and we learn more about what it means to have faith and how we can live that faith in our day to day lives”.
  • “We can ask questions  that we might not ask anywhere else because we have known them for a long time and we feel really comfortable at Lord’s Club”.
  • “We learn more about what being a Christian is and different ways we can show our friends and family we believe in God”.​

Come along and meet Celia & Tim and see what all the fun is about!