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Transition into school can be a daunting one for young children and so we try to ensure that both parents and children are aware of the process to support those joining our school.

Once a child is part of the school community, transition does not stop for them! As a school we are mindful of each and every step that the children make as they progress throughout the school during their 7 years with us. Our school website outlines the main points of transition as follows:

  • Transition into the school ages 4 ( Please refer to ‘New Reception Intake’ tab and the link below)
  • New In Year transition ( Please refer to the ‘In Year Transition’ tab)
  • Transition from Early Years to the Lower Phase at the start of Key Stage 1 (Aged 5 going on 6)
  • Transition from the Lower Phase into the Middle Phase at Key Stage 2 (Aged 7 going on 8)
  • Transition from Upper Phase moving on to Secondary School aged 11years (Please refer to the ‘Secondary Transfer’ tab)

At St. Michael’s, we try to make the transitions from each Phase to the other as smooth as possible. We hold parent talks and workshops to ease the process.

Transition into School

Transition into school is an important part of the whole process of induction to our school. We hold a special meeting for parents/carers in June, prior to the children starting at St. Michael’s. At this meeting we outline the main procedures for the school, highlight key aspects parents/carers need to be aware of as well as give a tour of the Early years Phase and meet the Leadership Team and the Early Years Team.

Transition into the Lower Phase

Transition into the Lower Phase begins in the latter part of the Summer term when we prepare the children in the Early Years for the move into ‘the big school’!

A series of visits are made into the Lower Phase and the children acclimatise to the new classrooms, routines and shared area of learning. Furthermore, the play times are no longer separate and the children can begin to bond. To ease this transition we hold a Transition Talk for Parents of children due to transfer to Year 1.

Transition into the Middle Phase

We feel that there is a bridge to cross when moving from the Lower Phase in Key Stage 1 to the Middle Phase in Key Stage 2 at the age of 7 years old. This is the next major hurdle for the children as they acclimatise to the new routines of the school and mix with the older children in school. Teachers are aware of this transition and the challenges the children face. To ease this we hold a Transition Talk for Parents of children in Year 2 in the Summer term in readiness for the September start. .

Transition to Key Stage 3

The final transition stage is from Year 6 to Year 7. This is known as ‘Secondary Transfer’ or transition to Key Stage 3.

As a school we provide comprehensive support and guidance both to parents and pupils through this process. The teaching and learning as well as organisation of homework using a diary and attendance at Open Evening to take part in the target setting is part of this transition.

In the latter part of the Summer term we begin the transition process and prepare the children for the routines of secondary school life. The children and parents are invited to a Transition Meeting to support this move.

General Presentations

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