“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

At St. Michael’s the school is divided into five Phases:

  • Nursery (Mini St. Mike’s) (Aged 3-4)
  • Reception:  (Aged 4-5)
  • Lower Phase (Key Stage 1) – Years 1-2:   (Aged 5-7)
  • Middle Phase (Key Stage 2) – Years 3-4:  (Aged 7-9)
  • Upper Phase (Key Stage 2) – Years 5-6:  (Aged 9-11)

All of our classes are mixed and reflect the make up of the school in terms of gender, race and ability.

The maximum number of children we have in each year group is 52 part time equivalent in Mini St. Mike’s and 60 in each year group in the main. There are 30 per class. We do not exceed this number  and we are unable to admit any more children to the relevant year group unless an Appeal has been successful.


Timings for the School Day: Commencing September 2020

Staggered Soft Start of Day as of September 2020

In light of the government guidance on full reopening of school to all year groups in ‘Bubbles’, we are implementing a staggered soft start into school and a staggered exit from school.

  • The children come into school at their designated time and gate.
  • Parents are requested to ‘drop and go’ and the children will proceed directly into school.
  • There will be no pre school playtime and parents are not permitted onto the school site – with the exception of the new Early Years children in their designated area.

Staggered End of Day Collection as of September 2020

Similarly we have adopted a staggered collection to ensure that the year group ‘bubbles’ do not cross over and therefore congestion is avoided.

  • The children will come out of the school building and proceed to their designated collection point.
  • Parents are requested to ‘collect and go’ from the school playground immediately.
  • Parents are permitted into the designated collection areas for collection only and must leave by the year group designated gate.

Drop off and Collection Rota

Please refer to the link below for the times for drop off and collection.

Reception and Lower Phase

  • Start of day:       – Staggered soft start begins at 8:40am – please refer to the Bubble Rota above for exact timings.
  • Session 1:           – 8:50-10:35
  • Break 1:              – 10:35-10:50
  • Session 2:           – 10:50-12:00
  • Lunch Break:     – 12:00-1:10
  • Session 3:           – 1:10-2:35
  • Break 2:              – 2:35-2:50
  • Session 4:           – 2:50-3:05/3:10 (dependent upon Year group ‘Bubble’)
  • End of day:        – 3:05/3:10

Middle and Upper Phase

  • Start of day:       – Staggered soft start begins at 8:30am – please refer to the Bubble Rota above for exact timings
  • Session 1:           – Staggered start of lessons according to when the year group starts -all in by 8:45-10:20.
  • Session 2:           – 10:20-11:20
  • Break 1:               – 11:20-11:40
  • Session 3:           – 11:40-12:40
  • Lunch Break:     – 12:40-1:40
  • Session 4:           – 1:40-3:15/3:20 (dependent upon Year group ‘Bubble’)
  • End of day:         – 3:10/15 (dependent upon Year group ‘Bubble’)

Safeguarding and School Security

As part of the schools commitment to safeguarding after the school day begins we shut all the gates between after all the ‘bubbles’ are in at 08:45am and 3:00pm. Access during the day is via the buzzer entry at the main gate. This ensures that the children remain in a safe environment during the school day. If a child has to be collected for an appointment, parents should buzz the Office and during the Covid19 situation, a member of the Office Team will collect the child from the classroom and bring them to the main gate.

The school office is open between 8.15am until 4:00pm to answer any queries, deal with emails and telephone calls.

We ask that parents/carers endeavour to collect your child on time, as it causes distress to children and inconvenience to the school if you are late collecting them. In the event that there are repeated and unexplained late collections a meeting will be arranged with the Headteacher to discuss the issue.