“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

At St. Michael’s we have planned ahead and by clicking on the link you can download dates for the forthcoming academic year. We also encourage parents/carers to refer to the School Calendar on our website for a more comprehensive overview of year ahead. Dates of events scheduled to take place have been added. This will enable members of the school community to plan ahead for any of the events.

The dates for the next two academic years have been formally agreed by the Board of Governors and will allow parents to plan ahead.  Please click on the following links:

Parent/Carers are asked to note the following:

It is particularly important as a result of the COVID19 pandemic that children attend school each day (unless ill) and there will be no authorisation of holidays during term time.


Please refer to the following link about Attendance and Unauthorised Absence Procedures

Holidays during term time are not advocated/authorised and if parents choose to do this they must inform the school by completing the ‘Absence Request Form’. Each request form is considered independently, taking into consideration any ‘exceptional/compassionate reasons.

The Department for Education stated in  a letter to all schools in June 2016: “.as set out in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 amended in 2013 – that Headteachers continue to have the power to authorise leave of absence, but only in exceptional circumstances. While family holidays are enriching experiences, the school year is designed to give families the opportunity for these breaks without having to disrupt their children’s education. It is for schools to consider the specific details and relevant context behind each request. Schools know their pupils best and are well placed to make those judgements.”