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What is Project Tearose?

Project Tearose Project Tearose is an information sharing agreement between the Metropolitan Police and Wandsworth Borough Schools.

We understand as a school that if police have responded to a domestic incident and there are children in the family, the officers working on Project Tearose will disclose this incident to the our school the following morning (Monday to Friday). The actual content of the information shared is kept to the minimum, i.e. outlining the offence, but without specific details.

How is Information Shared?

The information is shared securely with the Designated Safeguarding Leads, and is treated as sensitive and confidential.

Research shows that children who are involved or who have witnessed domestic abuse are more at risk of emotional harm and potentially physical harm. The information is shared in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child, and so that support can be offered to the child if necessary.

St. Michael’s CE School is part of the network available to support the family and child. All staff are required to read this policy carefully and to be aware of their role in these processes. All new staff will have the opportunity to discuss safeguarding requirements and this policy during their induction process.