“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

The following publications have been published on our school website to give parents an overview of safeguarding information that we adhere to and follow as a school.

Wandsworth Safeguarding Children’s Board (WSCB)

The WSCB has a really important role in coordinating and ensuring the effectiveness of what is done by each and every person involved in protecting children and carries statutory responsibilities for safeguarding children in Wandsworth. It is made up of senior managers within organisations in Wandsworth, who hold responsibility for safeguarding children in their agencies, such as children’s social care, police, health, education and other services including voluntary bodies. The WSCB monitors how they all work together to provide services for children and ensure children are protected.”

Wandsworth Information

Please refer to the information links and points of contact below.

Department for Education Guidance: Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 1st 2020)

The Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance for schools and colleges  ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ is the key document for the school to follow.  All Staff, Governors and Volunteers have read and noted the statutory guidance and sign the termly Safeguarding and Code of Conduct record quantifying the school commitment to robust safeguarding procedures. Please click on the link below:

Additional Department for Education Guidance (DfE)

In addition to the main guidance for schools listed above, the school adheres to and also makes reference to the following DfE the Key Statutory guidance:

UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

‘New technologies inspire children to be creative, communicate and learn. However, while the internet is a great resource, it is important that children and young people are protected from the risks they may encounter. The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) is a group of more than 200 organisations drawn from across government, industry, law, academia and charity sectors that work in partnership to help keep children safe online. The Council was established in 2010 following a review by Professor Tanya Byron and discusses and takes action on topical issues concerning children’s use of the internet.’

Please click on the link to find out more: