“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

At St. Michael’s we promote high standards of attendance and punctuality. We believe that ‘every second counts’ and that it is essential for all pupils to attend school on time and avoid any absence, so that disruption is minimised. Any loss of time at school can adversely affect a child’s attainment and all pupils benefit from regular school attendance.  Our motto, which we use with the pupils, is: ‘In line, on time, every time!’

Attendance and Punctuality 2019-2020

Following on from last academic year, when we exceeded our target of 97.5% and achieved  the amazing 97.8% attendance, for 2019-2020 we have set the following targets:

  • Attendance to be 97.5%

  • Punctuality to be increased with fewer than 10 late arrivals per week

For information on our most up-to-date attendance and punctuality performance, please visit our Weekly Web Update

Attendance Reports 2019-2020

Autumn Term 2019

Autumn: 97.6%

Spring Term 2020

Spring: 97.6%

Summer Term 2020

Summer %: N/A

 2018-2019 Summary

Punctuality Reports 2019-20

Like attendance, we monitor punctuality monthly.  At the end of each term we produce a report to help track punctuality across the whole school and assess performance against our targets.  These reports are below.

Attendance and Punctuality Monitoring (SLAP and SNAP)

Safeguarding is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through all we do as a school and we include pupil attendance in this.  We have robust procedures that we follow when pupils transfer between schools, move to another school without warning or go ‘missing from education’.  As part of our regular monitoring,  we conduct a special check of our attendance and punctuality data to identify any patterns which may be a cause for concern.  If necessary we invite parents to a  ‘School Non Attendance Panel’ (SNAP) and ‘School Late Attendance Panel’ (SLAP).   Please refer to the following document to find out more about these meetings.

At St. Michael’s we also monitor late collections closely, in accordance with our Late Collections Policy.  The policy can be found under the website tab ‘School Policies’ or by clicking on the following link:

Absence Reporting

It is vital that parents/carers report absences in a timely manner.  The simplest method of doing so is by using the ParentMail App as follows:

  • From the ParentMail App, open ‘Absences’ and select the name of the child/children who will be absent.
  • Select a reason for absence from a drop down menu.
  • Select an amount of time that the child is likely to be off school for.
  • Add any additional notes and then send to school.

If you do not have the ParentMail App, please contact the School Office as soon as possible for reporting an absence.

Unauthorised Absences

We do not support unauthorised absences before or after school holidays, in accordance with government guidelines (see below).

We will only approve absences during term time in exceptional circumstances.  More information can be found in our Attendance Policy.