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As a Church of England school we believe that Christian values pervade every aspect of school life. As a Christian community,  St. Michael’s promotes positive behaviour and the values of forgiveness, peace​ ​and compassion towards others.  With these Christian values as our foundation, we are committed to creating a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment which values and respects each and every individual. Our Positive Behaviour Policy is rooted in these values.  We set clear routines and expectations for pupil behaviour, ensuring that this Policy is applied consistently and fairly by all staff.  We do not tolerate any form of bullying, discrimination or peer-on-peer abuse: all in our school community have a right to respect and to be able to work and learn in an atmosphere which is conducive to learning.

Our Positive Behaviour Policy means that at St. Michael’s we:

  • Recognise and highlight good behaviour as it occurs;
  • Ensure that all children are praised for behaving well;
  • Ensure criticism is always constructive;
  • Ensure that all children have a positive self image;
  • Explain and demonstrate the behaviour that we wish to see;
  • Encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour.

We also have a clear, fair and consistent framework for dealing with any unacceptable behaviour that is outlined in our Positive Behaviour Policy. See our policies tab for more information on this and other policies related to pupil behaviour and welfare.

Behaviour monitoring

As part of the ongoing monitoring of unacceptable behaviour, we record serious behaviour incidents on our internal behaviour monitoring system, called CPOMS.  We ensure we take immediate and effective action to prevent reoccurrence and inform parents where necessary.


For 2020-2021 we are enhancing our monitoring of behaviour by producing a monthly ‘1st of the Month’ report.  These reports are below:


A report of our behaviour monitoring for each term is below.

We also use Pupil Voice to monitor the effectiveness of our messages on positive behaviour and attitudes.  In our most recent survey, conducted in December 2019, over 96% of pupils recognised that the school sets high expectations for their behaviour.  A full analysis of the survey results, which was conducted across the whole school, is found in the link below.