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Pupil Leadership

At St Michael’s our vision is to equip pupils with the confidence and life skills to make a positive difference in God’s world.  We believe leadership and taking responsibility are key life skills.  We encourage all of our children to become young leaders, taking responsibility for their own learning and contributing to their own and the school’s continuous development.  We believe our children can become future leaders in their workplace, in their communities and in their families.  Good leadership is sometimes ‘caught and not just taught’, so all staff at St. Michael’s model the principles of outstanding leadership through their personal and professional lives.  We are all students of life and students for life!

We provide a wealth of opportunities at St. Michael’s to promote leadership skills.  Primarily this takes place in the classroom , through class activities and class monitor roles. We are also launching a course to develop confidence and life skills in girls, called ‘Shine’ so that they can make a difference in the world they live in.  In addition, we provide opportunities for leadership development that impact the whole school, through various positions.  These include:

  • Head Boys and Head Girls: key pupil leaders and representatives of the school, performing a variety of important functions such as giving presentations and tours to visitors and speaking at major school events.
  • School Council: elected pupil representatives from each class in Years 1-6, who meet regularly to discuss whole school issues and provide recommendations on matters such as playground equipment, school meals and themes for special events.
  • House Captains/Vice Captains: Year 6 pupil leaders, elected by their fellow pupils, of one of the four ‘Houses’ at our school:  Melrose, Granville, Seymour and Viewfield.
  • UNICEF Rights Respecting Ambassadors: pupil representatives from Years 5 and 6 who monitor and promote children’s rights within school and take part in the annual Model UN General Assembly at Wandsworth Town Hall.
  • Pupil Faith Group: representatives from the pupil body who promote matters relating to faith, including the RE provision at school and special worship and religious events.
  • Playground Champions: pupils in Year 6 who take responsibility, together with supervising staff, for creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment on the playground.
  • Eco Warriors: pupils who promote care for our environment and consider ways the school can become even more ‘green’ and environmentally-aware.
  • Junior Travel Ambassadors: pupils who promote safe and environmentally-friendly travel to and from our school.
  • Early Morning Monitors: pupils who take responsibility each morning to ensure the school is properly resourced to begin the school day.

All of the above fit in so well with character development which we proactively promote. Please refer to the Character Development Framework link to find out more.

Cultural capital

Pupil leadership is one way we aim to promote cultural capital, which we see as the essential knowledge that all children need to prepare them for their future success. Through offering rich and varied opportunities to shine, as well as helping them experience a greater sense of ‘awe and wonder’ about the world they live in, we aspire to give all our pupils – from every background – the best possible start to their journey towards adulthood.  We have analysed our promotion of cultural capital at St. Michael’s to ensure all pupils have equal access to the opportunities we provide.   A note on how we have involved guest speakers to promote cultural capital across the school is below.  Our most recent special visitor was Damon Hill OBE, former Formula One World Champion.  A report of his visit can be found under the ‘Character Education’ tab.