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Online Learning: Updated Summer 2022

Covid19 restrictions have ended but we recognise pupils will still be off with the virus and so the online learning procedures will still be in place as per the guidance sent to schools.

At St. Michael’s we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, whether it be through online homework or online lessons.

We have an agreed systematic approach to all areas of the curriculum to ensure consistency, continuity and progression throughout the whole school. This is coherently planned and sequenced and we ensure that children are all able to access their online learning.

We are aware that online learning needs to continue when a pupil has a positive test result and is off school for the designated period.  It is important that, where possible, learning is not lost and we encourage the parents to work with the children if they are well enough to do so by following the work set by the teacher.  The class teacher will also arrange a 'touch base' meet up with the pupil so that they still feel part of the class.

Keeping pupils safe during remote education is essential and we ensure that there are opportunities for the children to connect with the class during story times throughout the week. The child friendly safeguarding policy is on the Google Classroom for children to access. 

For information on what we provide for online learning, please follow the links about our online learning policy as well as our online learning offer that supports remote learning from home.

We use Wonde to store the online Applications that we use. To access your children's online learning, please use the links below. Try to use Wonde first as this is where most of the applications are stored. However, if needed, you are able to use each application on its own.

You are able to use both a Magic Badge or Emoji password to log into Wonde.

Use the buttons below to login to your various apps:

COVID Catch up - on return to school March 2021

Virtual Learning and Curriculum Catch up 

Curriculum Catch up

If you have any problems with access to technology, please contact the school directly so that we may assist you.