At St. Michael’s we firmly believe that keeping parents informed of their child’s progress and development is of primary importance and so we have developed our own reporting system to parents as outlined below.

The mid-term reports are written and presented to parents to give an overview of the mid-term academic and social developments and reflect any assessments that have taken place. These mid-term reports are sent to parents the week of Open Evening and are used as a tool for discussion at the parent /teacher meetings. The end of year report gives a summary of the whole year and incorporates all curriculum subjects.

Open Evenings 2019-2020

  • Autumn 2019 – Get to know the teacher and share information about your child:    8th October & 9th October (4pm-7pm)
  • Spring 2020 – Mid-year review. Report given and time to ask questions:      17th March & 18th March (4pm-7pm)
  • Summer 2020 -End of year review. Report given and time to ask questions::   7th July & 8th July 2020 (4pm-7pm)