“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations, and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

We promote our Vision through the key words:

‘Create – Equip – Partner’

At St. Michael’s we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that provides high quality teaching relevant to the needs of the children. Central to all we do in school is their spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual, physical and creative development.


St. Michael’s is committed to providing an exceptional, broad and balanced curriculum, which is informed by the 2014 National Curriculum, for all our children to enable them to become secure, well-rounded citizens. Our children are able to transfer the skills and knowledge learnt in English, Maths, RE, Foundation Subjects and extra-curricular activities, consistently, across the whole curriculum. We provide all children with the knowledge and skills that they require to be able to take part in opportunities and experiences in later life. Our curriculum is broad and balanced showing progression through knowledge and skills with clear end points. We provide a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all children, whilst considering the varying needs of every pupil.


Reading: A high priority for our school and we want to ensure that we foster a love of reading. We provide discrete reading activities within lessons, guided group reading, individual reading along-side opportunities to listen to adults read and have a dedicated time to read for pleasure (RFP).

English: We use the Big Write model with a two-week big write cycle which focuses on discrete reading activities, comprehension and texts as well as SPAG to ensure high quality writing.

Maths: We us a Mastery approach to Mathematics in conjunctions with White Rose Maths planning to resource and inform our maths mastery micro steps. This provides our children with a consistent and high quality coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum.

RE: The SDBE schemes of work inform our planning for Religious Education to ensure that we have a thematic approach to our lessons and worship opportunities.

History, Geography, Science, Art, DT and Computing: Our rich, topic-based curriculum (Cornerstones) makes sure that all the children enjoy high quality lessons and have a common understanding of the whole foundation curriculum. This includes more opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge and skills in an engaging way that stimulates high-quality learning in preparation for the next stage of their education. Children also have the opportunity to develop their spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual, physical and creative skills through the topics.

PSHE: We use the Jigsaw scheme of learning, which is a unique, progressive and effective approach to PSHE, which prepares children for life, helping them know and value who they truly are and understand how to develop healthy lives and relationships in our ever-changing world. 

MFL: Using engaging songs and games French lessons are taught as a stand-alone subject, fortnightly, to all children in Key Stage 2. Modules of learning are covered each half term and recapped through starters, key vocabulary and phrases.

PE: Kick London provide high quality values-based Sports Coaching, Street Dance provision, Solutions Focused Mentoring & Sports Chaplaincy within Infant, Primary, Secondary, PRU & Special Schools across London. The schemes of work have been produced to provide exposure to six sports, which are rotated each half term. 

Extra-Curricular Activities: There are a range of clubs and activities to provide children with character eduction. Children are able to experience a wide range of clubs and activities to help them experience new interests and develop existing ones.


Children learn how to study and work effectively on their own. They contribute as part of a group; listen in lessons, but also to speak and present. They are confident in the new technologies of tablet, cloud and programming language as they are with book, paper and pen. They know how to collaborate without copying, how to debate while still listening and learn that enthusiasm and curiosity are the best tools they have. They Growth Mindset characters of: Persistence, Innovation, Collaboration and Reflection support these ideals and instill the right attitude to learning across the whole school.

This section of our website gives an overview of our curriculum areas but please do contact us if you have any questions at all.

Sample Time Tables

Detailed below are sample time tables from each of our Key Stages.

In Key Stage 2 we have a soft start to the day where a combination of reading, spelling, grammar and maths activities are on offer:


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


Our curriculum is organised into Faculties, with some subjects combined into one faculty.

At St. Michael’s, our faculty system aims to prepare enthusiastic, life-long learners across the whole curriculum. The faculty system allows all staff to support a targeted area with curriculum input, planning, assessment, evaluation and organisation. By grouping subjects together in faculties, more staff have more time to ensure that our whole school curriculum is consistent and provides high quality teaching and coverage of the National curriculum.

Our faculties are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • RE
  • Music
  • PE & Sport
  • Technology (Computing, IT and Science)
  • Humanities (History and Geography) 
  • PSHE
  • Art and DT 
  • Modern Foreign Languages

Each faculty looks at or completes:

  • Planning
  • Feedback
  • Assessment / Outcomes of children 
  • Book looks 
  • Observations 
  • Team teaching
  • Handwriting and presentation 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Staff feedback 
  • GAP analysis and comments on the quality and National Curriculum Links

For more information on our Curriculum, please visit our Curriculum Offer Page

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