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At St. Michael’s we firmly believe that all children and young people in our care (aged 4 – 11) should experience regular high quality Physical Education (PE). The medical evidence is too strong to not have PE as a compulsory subject in the curriculum. At St Michael’s, we provide the broad and balanced programme of physical education your child is entitled to; activities are designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular and through providing positive experiences, a lifelong interest in physical activity is encouraged.

The range of physical activities at St. Michael’s is wide and includes athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor education. A high quality programme is designed to satisfy the needs, abilities and interests of all individual children. There will be some children who prefer individual activities to competitive team games and others who enjoy aesthetic movement.

Children are given many opportunities to develop their interests through a planned PE programme that aims to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and above all, a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity.

Within the broad philosophy that taking part is more important than winning, individual talents and sporting attitudes are encouraged, together with those social and personal qualities inherent in both team and individual activities. These include the acceptance of responsibility, loyalty and cooperation, determination, tolerance and the enjoyment of success as well as simply taking part.

Together with other subjects, PE helps to prepare pupils for adult life and contributes to the development of a wide range of physical, personal, social, learning and thinking skills.

Opportunities also exist in PE for pupils to gradually be given more responsibility to plan, lead and organise events and develop the right attitude to competition – to be positive in defeat and gracious in victory. PE can help your child to develop positive attitudes which lead to success.

At St Michael’s Sports is a high priority and we firmly believe that all children, irrespective of ability should have access to sport at school.

We run a wide range of sports during and after school and we encourage all the children to strive to achieve their best in this area.

After School Sports Clubs

We are very fortunate that the staff give up their time to run a variety of after sports clubs. Each term an overview of the clubs on offer is sent to parents to select. Forms are returned to school and clubs allocated on a first come first served basis. The breadth and variety of after school sports has increased greatly and the children have the opportunity to sample new sports and develop their sporting skills and talents. Please refer to the Clubs section of the school website to gain a detailed overview of what is on offer, when and the skills we aim to develop.

PE & Sports Subject Leader

At St. Michael’s there is a teacher allocated to overseeing the development and promotion of sport. The PE/Sports Subject Leader has the responsibility of planning, co-ordinating and developing sports at school. An action plan is drafted annually identifying aspects to be developed for this area and is monitored regularly to ascertain the progress and impact upon the development of sport for the children.

Kick London

As part of our aim to develop sport we have two specialist sports coaches, Andy, Louise & Sam, from Kick London, who visit from Monday through to Friday and lead class sports/games  and dance sessions with the class teacher. The children have the opportunity to develop sporting skills such as football, rugby, multi-sports to name but a few.

Inter-school / Inter-Borough Competitions

St Michael’s takes part in competitive sports across the borough and annually participates in the Putney Leagues for football and netball. We attend cross country meetings, in which we have had a huge amount of success in recent years. We attend athletic competitions throughout the year and are hoping to enter inter-school competitions in swimming and table tennis this year. The latter is a new sport that we introduced in 2012 and has really taken off at St. Michael’s.

Lunchtime Sports Opportunities

The playground has been re-developed as a result of the building expansion programme and we now have designated ‘Zone’ areas for play activities. They are:

  • ZONE 1: MUGA (Multi-Use Grounds Area): where small games equipment can be played
  • ZONE 2: Quiet Area: Table tennis and speed stacks can be played with
  • ZONE 3: Front Playground: Ball sports (Football, Basketball, Netball and Pat Ball) can be played
  • ZONE 4: Side Playground: The trim trail, playground games and faster sports can be played (tennis/hockey)

In House Sporting Opportunities

Each half term the children are involved in House Day events. These often have a sports focus with children having the chance to represent their house against competitors from other Houses. This fosters a healthy competitive spirit within our school.

Swimming in Year 3

Children in Year 3 have the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons at Southfields Academy so that they develop into confident, competent and safe swimmers. The lessons are led by ASA qualified swimming instructors.

Year 3 Swimming Timetable 2019

Mile Run

Our Mile Run is a free, effective initiative that any school can implement without the need for staff training. Its impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Sports Week

Each year St. Michael’s organises sports week. This gives every child the chance to participate in sports throughout the week and each year children are introduced to new sports they might not have had the chance to play before.

Our specialist sports coach and teachers do a fantastic job of ensuring that the children take part in a wide range of physical activities and the entire week is dedicated to promoting fitness, healthy eating and all-round well-being.

St. Michael’s invites special sporting guests to talk to and inspire the children. In the past, we have been fortunate enough to have top Olympic athletes visit, such as Sophie Hosking (who won a gold medal in London 2012 for rowing) and Martyn Rooney (400m runner who took part in the London 2012 Olympics). During Sports Week our annual Sports Days are held and the children have the opportunity to compete as part of a house.

Links with Southfields Academy

St. Michael’s are very fortunate to have close links with Southfields Academy. As well as benefitting from the use of the swimming pool, we also use their impressive facilities for our netball after school club.  Our pupils have benefitted from special ‘Olympic Days’ out at Southfields where they had the chance to try sports such as Ultimate Frisby.