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2022, was the year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.  Our school enthusiastically participated and upheld the 'World Book day' Organisation message for all children ‘you are a reader‘! 

At St.  Michael's reading is a priority as it opens the world of knowledge to all and is the pathway to enhancing life skills.  Our book day was filled with lots of exciting and celebratory ways to promote reading for pleasure. The day consisted of:

The day went really well and was a clear celebration of the importance of reading. Here are some pupil quotes:

“I loved seeing everyone’s amazing costumes. The different activities were cool, including making the soundscape and writing poetry.”

"I loved WBD, we got to show off our costumes when we went around the MUGA, everyone was clapping and smiling at us"

"It was super fun to go into the different classes and do different activities from our book Look Up"

"I loved it that we got to drink a little hot chocolate to celebrate World Book Day just like Rocket does in our story"

"We loved going to the book fair and looking at all the new books...we even got to buy one at the end of the day"

"I liked it when my dad came to Reading for Pleasure, we went into the reading area and shared my favourite class book"

"I loved working with the different teachers and doing different fun things. I loved making a rocket and looking at outer space on GoogleMaps"

“It was fun and interesting to see what books other people like to read. It gave me some ideas for books I might like to read too.”

“I liked dressing up as Mr Shark from Bad Guys and I really enjoyed going to different classrooms to do activities about The Great Kapok Tree.”

"World book day was so much fun because I got read the book I normally would not read"

"I learnt and got inspired to read books from different genres"

"Reading on World book day took me to places and made up for when when covid would not let us"

"The day was fun and full of creativity and excitement"

"World book day took me to places I never imagined"

"World book day was fun because we got to see what costumes other people created"

"We made sugar mice which we could take home and eat"

"We played Quidditch with Ms Jones, it was hilarious as she ran around with the Snitch"

World Book Day Photos

We love celebrating events at St. Michael's and World Book Day 2022 was not exception! Here a few pictures from the day that show a snippet of all of the events that took place.