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“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”


At St. Michael’s we are committed to providing emergency first aid cover to deal with accidents, which occur to employees, children and all categories of visitors.

If a child is ill, it is important they are kept at home as illness can spread very quickly in a school environment.  

As a precaution, children should not return to the school for 24 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.  Contagious illnesses should be notified to the school once a diagnosis has been confirmed.

All office staff, teaching assistants and lunchtime supervisors have received basic First Aid training. Additionally, some teaching staff have had emergency first aid training and defibrillator training.  If a child is ill or has an accident at school, we will contact parents if we feel it is necessary.  We will always contact parents if there is an emergency concerning their child. For this reason, it is important that parents keep us up to date with daytime telephone contact numbers.

For legal reasons, staff members are unable to administer medicines. If prescribed medication needs to be taken during the school day, parents can either come into school to administer the medicines yourself or sign a form in the school office giving explicit permission for 1st aid staff to administer these with details of the medicines required.  Please note that staff cannot administer any unprescribed medication. Separate arrangements apply in the case of long-term medical treatment (i.e. asthma, allergies, etc).  We do have children at the school whose allergies are potentially life-threatening, and we, therefore, adhere to a Nut-Free policy in school in order to minimise any threat to them.

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Head Bump / Injury Procedures

The safety and well-being of the pupils in our care is always a priority at St. Michael’s School. Therefore, communication with parent(s) / guardian(s) regarding issues of pupil safety is important. The procedures we have in place for notifying parents is outlined below.

1st Aid Training for Pupils 2022

In November 2022, the pupils at St. Michael’s were given 1st aid training on different aspects of 1st aid (dependent upon age).  This is the 6th year of training for our pupils and was led by an external consultant from "Worsley Training First Aid Courses". It was a highly successful two day event and we are very grateful to Louise Worsley for planning and leading the training. 

Pupils past and present have benefitted from having this programme of 1st aid embedded in the annual school cycle. It demonstrates that St. Michael’s is already ‘ahead of the game’ in terms of ensuring that the pupils are equipped with the necessary life skills to support basic first aid. 

The general recap and consolidation of the previous years sessions and then moving forward and introduction of new skills and knowledge demonstrates how we work hard to prepare the children for different aspects of life and adulthood and provide an enhanced learning environment for our pupils.

Whole Staff Defibrillator Training

As a school we recognise that a cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. When it does, every second matters. Defibrillators (AEDs) are proven to save lives. They are an invaluable addition to health and safety provision for our school and the school community and indeed the wider community.

We already have a defibrillator in school and recognise it is important that all of our staff members know where it is and are comfortable and confident to use it. All members of the Senior Leadership and Management Team and all 1st aiders received defibrillator training on 20th April. The training was further provided for all remaining staff on 18th May 2022.