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1st of the Month LEADERSHIP Safeguarding Quality Assurance Checks

1st Monday of the Month Monitoring & Quality Assurance – Safeguarding – Leadership Safeguarding Team 

The ‘1st Monday of the Month’ monitoring takes place on the 1st Monday of each month during the academic year by members of the Senior Leadership Safeguarding Team (SLST).

The Senior Leadership Safeguarding Team (SLST) ensures the safeguarding policies, systems and procedures are compliant with the statutory regulations. There are regular monitoring checks by the Senior Leadership and Middle Leaders (Phase Leaders) of those pupils who have been recognised as requiring additional pastoral monitoring. 

All members of the Team are aware of those on the 'Vulnerable Index'. safeguarding monitoring is an item on all in school staff meeting agenda in order to ensure that it remains central in all that we do and reaffirming that all staff, through the regular monitoring and dissemination of information, are aware of the procedures, policies and  systems and  "operate with the best interests of the child at their heart". (KCSiE: Point 82).

The policy and procedures we have implemented are externally validated annually by the Local Authority.  

1st Monday of the Month Monitoring

There are a series of 1st of the month checks which take place to ensure school compliance. They are as follows:

Please refer to the information below for an overview of the monitoring that takes place.

Local Authority Annual Audit Review

The SLT carried out a thorough review of the Local Authority audit in July 2022. The Leadership Team asked each other challenging questions relating to all aspects of safeguarding both in and outside of school. The audit and outcomes can be found in this comprehensive  overview.

Safeguarding and Security Communication To Parents

Keeping parents informed of the safeguarding arrangements is very important as outlined in or school vision. We endeavour to  parents informed of the systems, policy and procedures we have in place through regular communication and the termly Safeguarding Letter and also items on the Weekly Web Update. 

Supporting Information From The Local Authority