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“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”

Pupil Safeguarding Challenge & Surveys

Quality Assurance - Safeguarding - Pupil Understanding

As part of our responsibility to safeguard those in our school community we also believe that it is important to educate the children and make them aware of how to keep safe as well as ensure that they know they are safe when in our care. Each term we hold a special keeping safe assembly where we talk about specific safety points.

We encourage pupils to speak to an adult in school if they are worried about something and they know how to raise a concern and the way to do so. The Listening Post and Worry Boxes are in place, and are well promoted, easily understood and easily accessible for children to confidently seek out help when needed. Similarly, staff know the process and appropriate action to take when a disclosure is made in accordance with the school '10 minute rule' as well as seeking help, if need be from external help, eg, LADO.

To further embed the support for pupils, we also deliver a whole school focused PSHE lesson where teachers talk about safety in and around our school and the community. Finally, as part of the quality assurance procedures we have in place, the Senior Leadership Safeguarding Team carry out a month targeted ‘Safeguarding Challenge’ question to pupils to see if they are able to demonstrate feeling safe and have a developing understanding of the important procedures we have in place to keep them safe. Please see below the 1st of the Month Leadership Challenge Safeguarding Question to pupils:

Safeguarding – Pupil Voice

We conduct surveys with our pupils about safeguarding issues as well as asking them specific questions relating to current topics. Below is the link to the pupil views about 'consent' from January 2022.

Similarly we have been discussing 'banter' with the children at age appropriate level. The staff and pupils have shared their views as part of the ongoing school focus upon keeping children safe. Please click on the link below to see their views and feedback.

  • What does 'Banter' mean at St. Michael's? (To be uploaded week ending 4/3)

We have also been talking to the children about 'child on child abuse' and developed this poster to support their learning:

In October 2020 we conducted a pupil voice survey to ask about how pupils felt being back at school after a period of lockdown. Pupils said they were pleased to be back with their friends, although some admitted to finding it difficult having to be in socially distanced 'bubbles' as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They acknowledged that the adults were doing what they can to keep them safe and happy. A full analysis of the survey is in the link below:


We asked the children for their views on how we keep them safe when they are at school. The children were very forthcoming with their views and ideas. Please click on the buttons below to see what they said.