St. Michael's CE School

Working Together For The Good Of All

“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”


The Board of Governors currently comprises of 18 members:

Please see the Governor links below for a full list of the Board of Governors and their profile. In the first instance, all Governors should be contacted via the school office.

The Chairs of the Board of Governors

The Co-Chairs of the Board of Governors are Mr John Whitehouse and Mr David Walton.

Mr Whitehouse is also the Safeguarding and main Looked After Children (LAC) / Internationally Adopted Previously Looked After Children (IAPLAC) Link Governor

The Co-Chairs can be contacted via the School Office. 

Governor Leads

The following Governors have designated roles to support and advise the development of the Board of Governors. They are as follows:

Strategic Role


"Governing bodies and proprietors have a strategic leadership responsibility for their school’s or college’s safeguarding arrangements and must ensure that they comply with their duties under legislation. They must have regard to this guidance, ensuring policies, procedures and training in their schools or colleges are effective and comply with the law at all times."

The Board of Governors at St. Michael's is fully compliant with child protection and safeguarding and ensures, through challenging the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Safeguarding Team, that safeguarding and child protection are at the "forefront and underpin all relevant aspects of process and policy development"  within the school. 

The Board of Governors, through the monitoring by the Designated Safeguarding Governor Lead, ensures that all of the procedures, policies and systems "operate with the best interests of the child at their heart". (KCSiE).

The Board of Governors receive regular monthly reports from the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Safeguarding Team about the safeguarding procedures and processes which includes up to date information relating to this area.

Furthermore, the Board of Governors have completed the annual online safeguarding training from an online external consultancy and subscribe to the weekly safeguarding updates. 

Please refer to the Board of Governors Safeguarding tab