St. Michael's CE School

Working Together For The Good Of All

“St. Michael’s Church of England School, established upon Christian foundations and living out the Christian faith, is committed to providing every child with an excellent education.”


At St. Michael’s we seek to engage parents and their communities in a thoughtful and positive way. We firmly believe that it is important to ensure that parents and visitors to our school website are able to access as much information about the school as possible to engage them in a positive way to support their child’s learning.

Our school website is the first portal for information following on from the ‘word of mouth’ positive reputation we have within the community of Southfields, the Borough of Wandsworth and throughout the Southwark of Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE).

The following information and web links are presented in order to give an overview of the school for external validating teams. Further information can be accessed by clicking on the side tabs of our school website.

It should be noted that our self-evaluation forms and source evidence is held centrally in school and available upon inspection.  

We also have created a school Inspection Intranet portal and this will be made available to visitors once we have received the notification of a visit.